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An  APRIL   trip to Bath County and the adjacent, and equally lovely,   Highland
County, Virginia yielded some new landscapes and flowers.   Wonderful vistas and
quaint and friendly towns highlight this "out-of-the-way"  jewel of an area.
Graveyard in
Country Farm
On Jack Mountain
Storm Clouds
Bath County
Dogwoods in the Mist
Woodland Trail
Blooms Abound
Green Meadows
Red Bud in Bloom
On the Forest Floor
Forest Floor #2
Beauties by the Creek
The Old Barn
Storm Line
Bolar Road
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Morning Mist
Around the Bend
Hay Barn #1
Forest of Gold #2
The Open Road #1
Fall Fields
To The Barn
Hay Barn #3
Big Sky
Hay Barn #2
Hay Barn #2
Milkweed Seeds
Open Road #2
The  Hilltop
Country Roads
The Rolling Hills
Mc Dowell
Hightown, VA
Fall Beauties
Buck Mountain
Fall Foliage #3
Bolar Sunrise
Hickory Nuts

In Feb.  I returned to Highland and Bath Counties to capture winter images.  I had just the
mountain roads.  Minus 17 degrees wind chill on the mountain road north of Monterey, VA  made
In Feb.  I returned to Highland and Bath Counties to capture winter images.  I had just the
wonderful trip.  Maple syrup is being made preparing for the big Maple Festival.weather I had
hoped for:  snow showers in the valley and an incredible snow storm up on the
Clear Mountain Pool
3 Bales on the Hillside
Driving Snow Showers
The Fence LIne
Enjoying the Day
Mountain Top View
The Winter Mushroom
Magical Ice
Snow Squalls Coming
The Red Barn
Days Gone By
First Flakes Falling
Snowy Hillside
Well Dressed for Winter
Maple Sap Collectorr
Horse Play
Country Cemetery