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Cape Hatteras, NC
Carolina, visiting Merchant's Millpond State Park, Alligator River and
Pea Island NW Refuges and Cape Hatteras -  south to Buxton.  In May
2006 I spent several days kayaking in Northeastern North Beautiful
weather supported my travels an allowed me to make close to 600 images.  
Here's a few...
Hatteras Window
Bodie Island
Gull's at Play
Hatteras Daybreak
Hatteras Light #4
Beachcomber and Gull
Gulls at Play #2l
Merchant's Millpond #1
Painted Turtle
Happy Warbler
Merchant's Millpond #2
Merchant's #4
Merchant's #5
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Merchant's Millpond #3