G. Michael Brown Photography
                          Virginia Beach Virginia,  VA 23452
The Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refugee is located on the
southeastern Virginia and North Carolina borders.   Encompassing over 100,000
acres it has a rich history and an incredible diversity of animal and plant  species.  
Lake Drummond, a 2 by 3 mile shallow Lake, is near the center of the NWR.    The
lake is accessed most often by foot or, as I traveled,  via Kayak.  Summed up - this
trip was a remarkable adventure with limitless  photographic opportunities!.  
Welcome of RTE 17 south
Feeder Ditch headed West
Dismal Swamp Canal
Flat and lovely
Feeder Ditch
Feeder Ditch
Lake Drummond Spillway
Feeder Ditch
Corps of Eng Spillway
Boat lift at Spillway
Spillway Camp
Into the Lake
Cypress Trees
Lake Drummond #1
Lake Drummond #2
Lake Drummond #3
Eastern Shore
Old Timer
Lock from the Lake side
Homeward Bound
Arbuckle Landing
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