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Summer 2016 was a busy summer with many photo opportunities.   Knox
County and Crawford Pond were great spots to make images.   Special
thanks to Avena's Botanical Garden in Rockport - just the finest  place!    
Make sure an check out "Move Like A Gardener"  by Deb Soule.    A
wonderful book.    All these images can be matted and framed.  
                                         Just drop me  an email.     
1645 Smile
1533 Dockside
1620 RowBoat
1542 Ferry
1745 Monhegan Poppy
1673 Monheganlight
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with new images.
Black-Eyed Susans
Monhegan Ferry
1738 Monhegan
Otter Cliffs
Alberts Place 2
Alberts Place 1
Crawford pond 2
Crawford Pond 1
Bar Harbor
Marshall Point
North Woods
Marshall Pt
100 Acre Island
Crawford Pond  4
Bailey-Orr's Island
Avena 2
Tri-state Blvd. Post
Rockland, Me
Avena 3
Rock Art
Fall  Scenery
Rangeley Lake
Rangeley Area
Beech Hill 1
Beech Hill 2
New England Autumn 1
New England Autumn 2
Back woods Charm
Beech Hill Trail
Beech Hill 4
Beech Hill 3
Ragged Mountain  
Rockport, Me
New England Autumn 6
New England Autumn 5
New England Autumn 4
Beech Hill 5  (Acadia)
New England Autumn 3
Beech Hill House
Beech Hill 6
Beech Hill Clouds
Monhegan Garden
Hotel 1
Avena 3
North Woods Sunrise